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I. Policy
International Telnet Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and all visitors to its website. The following Privacy Policy (“Policy”) states what information is collected from the website and how this information is used. Because the Policy is easily accessible from the homepage of the website, International Telnet Inc. considers that all visitors have read and understand the privacy policy. If you do not agree with the privacy policy, please do not use or browse this site.

II. What personal information IS collected
International Telnet Inc. collects personal information that your sign-up form requires. This information includes your name, mailing address, telephone number, email address and pertinent billing information. This information is required in order to complete the transaction and provide the contracted services to the new customer.
In addition to the personal information necessary to enroll as a new customer, International Telnet’s website also collects, through the use of a “cookie”, a Globally Unique ID (“GUID”). The GUID is only used for the purposes of facilitating the transaction; once the transaction is complete, the GUID is deleted from the computer. The “cookie” does NOT collect any other information.

III. What information is NOT collected
International Telnet Inc. does NOT collect any additional personal information from any visitors to the website. Further, any information that International Telnet does collect is only retained for internal business records. This information is never seen by parties outside of International Telnet Inc. No customer or visitor information is ever distributed to third parties for any reason. 

IV. Contact information
If you have any questions about the Policy, please feel free to contact Customer Service at