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Please email us or fill out our contact form if you would like a tour of our facility. One of us will contact you to schedule a time.

Direct physical access to collocated equipment is not provided at this time, however remote access through IP is provided.

We offer a host of services. List of services and associated costs are listed in our Services section. Customized services are not listed, please contact us if you need a custom solution for your organization.

Most of our services are customized to suit your requirement and as such a complete analysis of your requirement is necessary. We ask that you send us an email or fill out the contact form so one of us can get in touch with you about your requirement. After we discuss with you and generate a needs analysis we prepare a quote for the custom or standard solution that you would require. Once we receive an approval from you we setup your account.

Our data center is located at 36 NE 2nd Street, downtown Miami.


For customers who are unsure of their usage, we recommend starting with a purchase of 10,000 minutes. Please review your account and reports on a timely basis to understand your usage and thereafter decide if you need to go onto a tier or flat rate minutes plan.

By default your outgoing minutes number will have Caller ID presentation. However Caller ID Name and Number needs to be request and can only be provided for customers using or willing to use a Florida number from our available pool of numbers.

By default most customers under the usage of 50,000 minutes are put into flat rate plans. Those using more than 50,000 minutes or more and by default into the Tiered plans. Flat rate plans are available on request and require a use or pay agreement to be signed. Tier Plans If you consume 50,000 minutes you pay $0.x for those 50,000 minutes when you cross 50K minutes you then pay $0.y for the next tier and so on respectively for each tier. Flat Rate Plans You pay a flat rate which will not change whether you consume certain minutes or not. However this requires a use or pay agreement to be signed, please check with us for details.

Every time you make or receive a call on a phone you consume minutes. This might be outgoing or incoming. Our minutes plans are categorized under value and quality. Quality minutes ranges from $0.015 and upwards depending on the destination your are calling and volume of usage. Value minutes ranges from $0.009 and upwards depending on the destination your are calling and volume of usage. The plans require that you establish either initially or after the first 2 or 3 months the usage level. While this is suggested to get the best price for your usage it is not mandatory. The usage and rates are normally classified in Tiers of 50,000 - 100,000 - 250,000 - 500,000 - 1,000,000 minutes. Each tier has a different pricing, and the higher your tier the lesser your price.

There are no monthly plans for outgoing at this time. Customer are recommended to choose the right minutes plan based on their expected usage. This also means that you do not have any monthly rentals to be paid. If you do not use anything you pay nothing.

All our minutes plans require that you prepay usage. When the prepaid amount is consumed by minutes or other aspects of your account, you will be required to make an additional payments according to your usage.


A DID is a fancy tech name for a phone number. Abbreviated as Direct Inward Dialing this phone number can be virtually assigned to an existing phone number, to an IP phone, a PBX IVR and many other devices that can receive phone calls.

DID's are available for many countries and cities. Please check with us on the city or country that you need a DID for, we'll be more than glad to assist you.

CNAM is a feature allowing inbound Caller ID Name and Number. By default only Caller ID Number is presented. This feature is an add-on feature on the DID/Toll Free.

A toll free number is also considered a DID with the only difference being that toll free numbers are charged for every call received on a per minute basis.

DID costs can vary from $3 to $60 depending on which country and city the DID originates. Most US and Canada DIDs are under $3 per number. When you request a DID our billing team will send you the costs involved for approval before the DID is assigned to your account.

Ever phone number needs a line, physical or wireless to get to the end user. This line is also called a channel. Most DIDs by default come with 2 channels. The number of channels you have determines how many people can call you at the same time. Normal use would not require more than 2 channels. However if you run a business and are using the DID for the main line in your office you might have more than 2 people calling and therefore would require more than 2 channels. Please check with us on costs for channel based DIDs.