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Our skills range from orchestrating software and technology initiatives to creating open source based software products for companies. We constantly push ourselves to learn and embrace emerging technologies.

Are you looking for customization of you existing interfaces? Need speech to text or text to speech recognition for your IVRs? You've come to the right place. From concept visualization to implementation, we take great efforts to make sure our customers are satisfied with the end result. Our team has completed scores of projects :

  • Phone to Email IVR
  • Pay by Phone IVR
  • Calling Card
  • Text to Speech
  • Bankruptcy Education
  • Email to Mail & Mail to Email
  • PDF extraction
  • PDF generation with IVR generated data
  • Web data extraction
  • CRM & PBX integration for click to call and call recording
  • VPN integration for securing client server communications
  • Automation of management and alerts at various levels of the communication application, web application and system administration.

Please Contact us with your requirements and questions so we can help you get more out your existing application.