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At International Telnet we believe in extending our cost advantages to our customers and partners. Whether you are a home, small business, medium business or enterprise, our services are tailor made.

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Predictive Dialers

Whether you are looking to create a live transfer lead, market a product, send out notifications, or send out voice deliveries, our dialers can do this and much more. No contracts or commitments.

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CRM Integration

International Telnet integrates Sugar OS with its dialer and pbx solutions putting within your reach the possiblity of Unified Communications without breaking the bank.

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PBX Solutions

At International Telnet we believe in offering voice solutions that keep the TCO amazingly low compared to Enterprise Equipment yet feature rich. With prices starting as low as $99/month for up to 50 users, bundled with a toll free, DID and 2000 minutes you cannot go wrong. You can also setup your own SIP trunk or DID provider.

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Long Distance & Local

At International Telnet we believe in extending our cost advantages to our customers and partners in every aspect of Long Distance.

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Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

With DID numbers you are no longer tied to your local country, area code or city code. No matter where you are, you can get a local area code for a city which you would like business partners or customers to call you without dialing long distance.

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Software Development

Our skills range from orchestrating software and technology initiatives to creating open source based software products for companies. We constantly push ourselves to learn and embrace emerging technologies.

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Hosting / Collocation

Collocation is the process of housing technological equipment in a secure and mission-critical facility designed with system redundancy and reliability in mind.

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Support and Maintenance

All our services and products are backed by professionally staffed customer support that operates 24 hours a day all through the year. In addition our staff provide onsite support and advanced software and network consulting services to assist customers in productive technology deployment.

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